Award Winners 2020: Main Jury Awards

Award Winners 2020: Main Jury Awards

Enjoy all the films awarded the Golden Chair and the Terje Vigen Awards. Congratulations to them all!

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Award Winners 2020: Main Jury Awards
  • Soul of the Sea (Liremu Barana)

    Guatamalan Garifuna woman Arisa is a singer and dancer. When her voice fails, help can be found in the ocean, her mother, and the vision of her late grandmother.

    Elvis Ribogerto Caj Cojoc was born in Coban, Guatemala. He is an indigenous award-winning film director. Caj star...

  • Exam

    A teenage girl late for her school exam gets held up waiting for a suspicious package to be picked up, getting stuck in a weird cycle of occurrences.

    Sonia K. Hadad was born in 1989 in Tehran, and is primarily educated in Iran. In 2005, she started her acting career in theatr...

  • Sassy009: Maybe In The Summer

    The hockey team's new keeper summons the demons of the ice rink.

    Kenneth Karlstad is a commercial, music video, and narrative fiction director, represented by Einar Film (Norway) and Stink Films (internationally).


    Lagets nye hockeykeepe...

  • My Own Landscapes

    Cyril is a former military game designer spotted in a video game competition organized by the army. Before going to war, he made video game scenarios preparing soldiers for cultural shocks, and healing traumas. Once back from the war, his relationship with his identity, with life and with the vid...

  • The Manila Lover

    An exploration of the distribution of power in the sexual relationship between a Norwegian man and a Filipino woman. It premiered at Cannes' Critic's Week, then screened at Bergen and Stockholm Int. Film Festivals, Clermont-Ferrand, among others.

    Johanna Pyykkö has a bachelor...