European Film Academy: Best of Europe I

European Film Academy: Best of Europe I

From topical British documentary to sophisticated French animation, from edgy Swedish puppet film to intense Greek drama, this programme gives you the best of European short films from 2019. Each year, the European Film Academy EFA hands out its award for Best European Short Film, and a selection of the nominated films are presented here. The films go on tour to festivals all over Europe and is shown in collaboration with EFA.


Fra rystende britisk dokumentar til forfinet fransk animasjon, fra drøy svensk dukkefilm til korthugd gresk drama: Dette programmet gir deg kremen av europeisk kortfilm fra 2019. Hvert år deler Det europeiske filmakademiet EFA ut sin pris for beste europeiske kortfilm, og vi viser et utvalg av de nominerte filmene fordelt på tre bolker. Filmene i programmet går på turné til kortfilmfestivaler over hele Europa og blir vist i samarbeid med EFA.

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European Film Academy: Best of Europe I
  • Egg

    A woman is locked in her home with an egg, which she is both attracted to and scared of. She eats the egg, she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of hunger.

    Martina Scarpelli is an Italian filmmaker who studied Fine Art in Milan and Animation in Turin. She graduated...

  • Oslo

    Ziad, a Palestinian day laborer, is denied entry into Israel for work that day. Not wanting to return home empty handed after promising his daughter meat for dinner, he needs to get creative. The journey back is long, and what he encounters in the dry mountains challenges his dignity.

    ABOUT THE...

  • (Fool Time) Job

    Pedro has found a new job. A kind of strange one, but these days, he can't afford to be fussy. It's a real chance! Anyway, he's never been the kind of getting cold feet...

    Gilles Cuvelier (b. 1977) studied Animation in Roubaix and at the Gobelins, in Paris, and directed his f...

  • The Tent (Teltet)

    A dysfunctional family of four is going camping, and poor communications skills make it a struggle to co-operate when trying to put up a complicated tent. The kids are reacting badly as an underlying conflict between the parents is slowly forced to the surface – and a shocking secret is finally r...