European Film Academy: Best of Europe III

European Film Academy: Best of Europe III

From topical British documentary to sophisticated French animation, from edgy Swedish puppet film to intense Greek drama, this programme gives you the best of European short films from 2019. Each year, the European Film Academy EFA hands out its award for Best European Short Film, and a selection of the nominated films are presented here. The films go on tour to festivals all over Europe and is shown in collaboration with EFA.


Fra rystende britisk dokumentar til forfinet fransk animasjon, fra drøy svensk dukkefilm til korthugd gresk drama: Dette programmet gir deg kremen av europeisk kortfilm fra 2019. Hvert år deler Det europeiske filmakademiet EFA ut sin pris for beste europeiske kortfilm, og vi viser et utvalg av de nominerte filmene fordelt på tre bolker. Filmene i programmet går på turné til kortfilmfestivaler over hele Europa og blir vist i samarbeid med EFA.

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European Film Academy: Best of Europe III
  • Excess Will Save Us

    In a small village of the North of France, an attack alert has been set off due to the combination of two events: the beginning of the hunting season and an argument between drunk Polish workers.

    Morgane Dziurla-Petit (b. 1996) studied cinema in Paris and Cannes, and works ...

  • Reconstruction

    Olda (17) is an accused waiting for his trial in a detention centre for juveniles. The monotone prison life is gradually intertwined with memories of a police reconstruction. It took one summer night for the holiday boredom to turn into a cruel fun that resulted in death.


  • Black Sheep

    At the age of ten, Cornelius Walker’s life changed. Scared for his safety, Cornelius’s mother moved their family out of London, but their new estate turned out to be run by racists. Rather than fight them, Cornelius decided become more like them. BLACK SHEEP blurs the boundaries between documenta...