MV 1

MV 1

B-Boy Myhre, feat. Cezinando: Harley
Director: Håkon Hoffart

Louam: Wreckless Love
Directors: Ola Kassen, Andreas Trøften

Teddy and the Love Gang: Nozomi
Director: Håvard Glad

Gabrielle: Tenker På Deg
Director: Tom Ringsby

Great News: Greedy Little Thing
Director: Sjur Pollen

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MV 1
  • B-Boy Myhre: Harley feat. Cezinando

    In a sprawling and fast-paced narrative, a young lover finds himself held hostage to his feelings, with no choice but to surrender. While he fawns over his crush, the subject of affection is never shown. What is present is actually not the person at all - just the overwhelming rush of being infat...

  • Louam: Wreckless Love

    Though symbolic imagery the film reflects on the reckless love they had with each other; chaos, fights, and anger, ending in a heartbreak.

    Andreas Lie Trøften is a director, editor, and director of photography.

    Ola Kassen is a director, editor, director of photography, grad...

  • Teddy and the Love Gang: Nozomi

    The story of a little boy and his magic dog's adventure to find strength to save his alcoholic mother. Named Music Video of the Year at Bergen International Film Festival 2019.

    Håvard Glad's animated music video for Teddy and the Love Gang is also his directorial debut.


  • Gabrielle: Tenker på deg

    A reflection of the song's theme about being happy for your ex's newfound love, but you'd rather not witness it first hand. In a time where we're constantly updated on how much better everyone else's lives are, getting over someone can be hard. Even worse when you see them in a new relationship.

  • Great News: Greedy Little Thing

    Great News' song Greedy Little Thing tells an odd story which may be about consumerism, care, and/or the need for affirmation.

    Sjur Kristian Egelandsdal Pollen is a self-taught filmmaker based in Bergen. He has a variety of visual expression skills, focusing primarily on phot...