MV 4

MV 4

Boy Pablo: Feeling Lonely
Director: Julian Nazario Vargas, Bjarne Anmarkrud

Lil Halima: who do u love
Director: Lil Halima, Chris Helberg

Amanda Tenfjord: Kill The Lonely
Director: Ingeborg Løvlie

Lars Vaular: Kroppsspråk
Director: Erik Treiman

Bendik: Sove
Director: Emilie Beck

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MV 4
  • Boy Pablo: Feeling Lonely

    The young Bean gets in an accident and loses his best friend, Doggo. Will they ever be reunited?

    Julian Nazario Vargas graduated from Volda University College in 2007 with a bachelor in animation. Since then he has gained a lot of experience working with animation, graphics ...

  • Lil Halima: who do u love

    Young adults' first encounter with love can be confusing and heartbreaking, and falling in love can happen in the blink of an eye. A music video about love, moving between pure visuals and the narrative.

    Lillian Halima Anderssen, known as the artist Lil Halima, is a Norwegia...

  • Amanda Tenfjord: Kill The Lonely

    A visualization of a simple game. Anyone can play and get acquainted through its freedom. Interaction is crucial and we need one another in order to make it.

    Ingeborg Løvlie studied photography at Nordic School of Photography, and has since 2015 produced and directed various ...

  • Lars Vaular: Kroppsspråk

    Lars Vaular in a room in front of 20 people at 9:30 am. There's only natural light, no speakers, no chairs, and Lars is on a pedestal. He listens to the music via bluetooth earplugs and performs the song.

    Erik Treimann got into editing music videos and documentaries at art sc...

  • Bendik: Sleep

    Dansen symboliserer ventetiden før en rettssak mellom to tidligere bestevenner, da han har forgrepet seg på henne mens hun sov.

    Emilie Beck er fiksjons- og dokumentar-regissør med en mastergrad fra Den Norske Filmskolen i år, og har laget flere dokumentar- og kortfilmer som har vu...