NKD 10

NKD 10

Thea & Tuva
Director: Kristian B. Walters

The Night Tram (Nattrikken)
Director: Eirik Tveiten

Liremu Barana
Director: Caj Cojoc

What is Organized and Systematized, Can Be Forgotten (Det som er organisert og systematisert, kan glemmes)
Director: Hanne Nygaard

Art and nonart (Kunst og ukunst)
Director: Birgitte Sigmundstad

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NKD 10
  • Thea & Tuva

    Sisters Thea (14) and Tuva (12) spend their days in the city to get away from their alcoholic mother. They spot a 5-year-old alone in a shopping center and take her with them. What begins as fun and games soon takes a dangerous turn for all three.

    Kristian B. Walters' cartoon...

  • The Night Tram (Nattrikken)

    A cold night in December. Ebba waits for the tram to go home after a party, but the ride takes an unexpected turn.


    Eirik Tveiten has a degree in acting, and has experience in acting, directing, screen writing and producing. He has made several short films, including Vincent...

  • Soul of the Sea (Liremu Barana)

    Guatamalan Garifuna woman Arisa is a singer and dancer. When her voice fails, help can be found in the ocean, her mother, and the vision of her late grandmother.

    Elvis Ribogerto Caj Cojoc was born in Coban, Guatemala. He is an indigenous award-winning film director. Caj star...

  • What is Organized and Systematized, Can Be Forgotten (Det som er organisert..)

    In a kitchen, a man sorts, rinses and throws away plastic. He is preoccupied with waiting, but also with the need to sort through his own chaotic thoughts.

    Hanne Nilsen Nygård is a visual artist working with film, text and sound. She has screened films at National Art Exhibit...

  • Art and Nonart (Kunst og ukunst)

    Kunst og Ukunst (Art and Nonart) was an exhibition held at The National Gallery in Norway in 1942, during the occupation. The description is taken from national newspaper Aftenposten, and shows the use of language and mindset around art in the nazi run press. Debates in recent times clearly show ...