NKD 11

NKD 11

Origin of Man (Menneskets opprinnelse)
Director: Pjotr Sapegin

The Festival (Festivalen)
Director: Magnus Lysbakken

With Abu Jamal (Hos Abu Jamal)
Director: Siri Nerbø

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NKD 11
  • Origin of Man (Menneskets opprinnelse)

    The story about how humans are immigrants from another place, a planet square as a box. When a hostile creature threatens the planet, the denizens had to evacuate, leaving their identities and memories behind.

    Pjotr Sapegin was born in Russia and is one of Norway's most accla...

  • The Festival (Festivalen)

    It is May, and in the valley everyone gathers in cafes and inns. Kristine is visiting, wandering through the streets observing preparations for the National Day.

    Magnus Lysbakken has spent the majority of the 2000s in Copenhagen, but now resides in Oslo. He has a degree in li...

  • With Abu Jamal (Hos Abu Jamal)

    For almost 60 years, Abu Jamal has sold single cigarettes and sweets in the center of Ramallah, Palestine. Despite the language barrier, director Siri decides to set up her camera in his shop to spend time with him.

    Siri Nerbø is a documentary filmmaker and sign language tran...