Downs of the Dead
Director: Even Husby Grødahl

Earthfall (Ras)
Director: Simone Hooymans

Damn Girl (Hælsikes jente)
Director: Kine Lepsøe

Director: Ernst De Geer

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  • Downs of the Dead

    When the zombie apocalypse hits, it sucks being stuck at work. Especially when you work at a home for the intellectually disabled. Nurse Morten has to get away, but can't leave Arvid and the other residents behind. The only thing between them and freedom are blood thirsty zombies, a dance band, a...

  • Earthfall (Ras)

    A massive earthfall threatens to destroy everything in its path, but chaos and destruction can allow the seed to a new beginning to grow.

    Simone Hooymans makes experimental animated films about human relations to nature. She received an Honorable Mention for Rett ned at the N...

  • Damn Girl (Hælsikes jente)

    This film about two women forces us into uncomfortably close proximity to a group of people we always feel we are better than, people we actively avoid listening to. What is our national identity as a society without social classes, the consequences of social exclusion, toxic relationships, and c...

  • Wimbledon

    When Samir celebrates his son's birthday in a bowling alley, nothing goes according to his plans.

    We wanted to make a film about a person with a common and relatable problem - the impression that showing vulnerability equals being a loser. We also set out to make a film wit...